Introduction of the Contest

To celebrate the return of Macao to 18th anniversary, to further deepen cooperation with Shenzhen and Macao landed in the cultural and creative characteristics, finance and tourism industry, at the same time for the two companies to integrate resources, to develop the international market, to build a permanent international platform in Shenzhen City Tourism Bureau, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government of Shenzhen city CPPCC Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Chinese Affairs Committee, the Shenzhen Foreign Cultural Exchange Association and Tourism Bureau, the Macao SAR government trade and Investment Promotion Bureau and other relevant departments under the support of the Macao Shenzhen economic and Cultural Association and the Shenzhen Creative Cultural Exchange Association jointly organized by the Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair Co. Ltd., Shenzhen smartlion Culture Industry Group Co. Ltd, Macao Haiyi International Cultural Investment Co. Ltd., Macao Culture Promotion Association Joint hosting of the "new culture, new tourism, new Macao" as the theme of the "deep Australia creative week" - Shenzhen Macao first international cultural tourism creative product design competition".

The Schedule

Starting Time March 20th
Initial Assessment 2017 Sep. 1st –Sep. 28th
Voting Online 2017 Sep.4th –Sep. 28th
Final Assessment 2017 Sep.29th-Sep.30th

About the awards

product design gold medal: 2 trophy + bonus silver medal: 4 trophy + bonus bronze: 8 trophies + bonus Finalist Award: 15 certificates + bonus
innovative concept design class gold medal: 2 trophy + bonus silver medal: 4 trophy + bonus bronze: 8 trophies + bonus Finalist Award: 15 certificates + bonus
1.The final amount of awards depends on the quality of the works, so there are chances that some prizes will remain vacant.
2.All the bonus of the awards is before-tax, the individual income tax will be paid by the company who pay for the awards.
3. If there is any dispute, the outcome will be according to the final assessment.

Collection direction

Design orientation for production design

1, the characteristics of city Shenzhen and Macao products: to highlight the product features and regional characteristics, with commemorative gifts, and practical, can be widely purchased for outstanding tourist products; products can be branded consumer goods, food, time-honored products etc..

2, characteristic arts and crafts: gifts, handicrafts, paintings and calligraphy, etc., designed and produced by using the regional characteristics, handicrafts, traditional arts and crafts.

3, tourism souvenirs: mainly to the scenic spots of Shenzhen and Macao (DOT) name, logo, landscape for the performance of the content, and has mass production, marketing or use of tourist souvenirs (including household appliances, outdoor supplies, transportation, consumer electronics, smart wear, green product design or concept design etc.).

Innovative concept design class

1, taking Shenzhen and Macao scenic spots (spots) name, logo, landscape as the content of innovative design, visual identity system design (logo), graphic advertising, packaging design.

2, a collection of cultural product design to spread and establish the concept of charity, especially to show the return of 18th anniversary after the "new Macao" in the city construction and the harmonious development of the two: including advertisement, animation, video.

3, cultural tourism products and business models: creative design around the Sino Portuguese cultural tourism products, including product name, graphic design, product packaging, the core selling points and the target population should be transformed into creative planning, business model and market landing may.

The theme and orientation of the contest

Theme: New culture • New tourist • New Macao. The participants can be all the capable and creative design centers, organizations, universities, enterprises all around the world especially those in Macau, Shenzhen and countries who speak Portuguese.

Orientation: international competition and comprehensive competition; the outstanding cultural tourism product innovation showcase and exchange platform; taking tourism as the carrier, to culture as the content and the innovation as the engine, to the medium of cultural products trading platform; service specialization, market-oriented operation and management standardization, the quality of the competition content.


The participants can be individuals or teams including

1. enterprises which are specializing in cultural and tourism products and artificial souvenir.

2. Cultural and creative companies, organizations and individuals specializing in packing design of tourist products.

3. Creative companies or individuals with traditional folk crafting skills

4. Colleges and universities in home and abroad.

5. Designers

The way to participate in the contest: OFO

You can send us your works either by online and offline.

Post address:5F, Block 2, Yantian International Creative Harbor, Shatoujiao Industry East Street, Yantian Distrist, Shenzhen, China Postcode: 518081