First Stage Promotion
Second Stage Propaganda-Collecting
Third Stage works-Assessment
Forth Stage works-Lectures&conference
Fifth Stage Award ceremony

Shenzhen-Macao Economic and Cultural Council is the first folk association which is aimed at promoting the development of their economic and cultural exchanges. Its counselor is Houhua He--the vice president of CPPCC, honorary president is Yicheng He—The president of the Legislative Council of Macao, the founding president is Boyuan Tan—the previous Macao's secretary for economy and finance, and the first chairman is Enci Guan—member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC of Shenzhen. The members include previous members of the CPPCC in Shenzhen and Macao, the previous members of Macao’s council and people from all walks of life who is enthusiastic in the exchanges and cooperation of Shenzhen and Macao.

The traffics of both cities are well-developed and convenient
Both tourism and cultural industries can benefit from each other
Urban resources contribute to each other
The cooperation complies with national policy and strategy
Sphinx Group took part in Harbin-Shenzhen-Russia Culture and Art Fair And recommended award-winning works of Shenzhen-Macao Creative Week Release date:2017-11-17
Shenzhen and Macao jointly take action,design creative platforms and locate in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. Release date:2017-10-19
Deep Macao design platform for cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao landing Bay Area 2017 deep Macao creative week Shenzhen curtain Release date:2017-10-18
The award-winning works of the 1st Shenzhen and Macau International Cultural Tourism Creative Product Design Competition of 2017 are revealed in a shocking way. Release date:2017-10-12
Shenzhen & Macau Creative Week A cultural and creative carnival is waiting for you. Release date:2017-10-11
Create Brand Effect,Set up special services: Entrepreneurs of mass entrepreneurship and innovation went into Sphinx Group during Shenzhen-Macao Creative Week. Release date:2017-9-1
Creative week design collection Release date:2017-8-17
The Press Conference of the 1st Shenzhen & Macao Creative Week was held in Macao. Release date:2017-8-17
Shenzhen & Macao have communicated constantly,accelerators of Shenzhen & Macao start-ups and innovation ?had chance to locate in Sphinx Town. Release date:2017-7-27
Focus on the "deep Macao creative design week" of folk songs

On August 16th to 18th,Macau Government Tourist Office invited and received designing representatives from more than ten design companies of Shenzhen and Macao,including LKK Design Group,Artop Group,Spring Design,to make art and design collection in Macao.They also visits many famous?scenic spots,such as Ruins?of St. Paul,Lou Kau Mansion,Rua do Cunha,Maritime Workshops No.1 (Centre for Contemporary Art),etc.